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Hēya was created by a passionate woman. Hala for years has been searching for a way to use her art to give back. She played around with different mediums and still does.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted in her studio, a sunny little spot in Upstate New York where magic happens everyday.

Hēya dedicates a percentage of every sale to give to foundations that empower women around the world.

When trying to come up with a name, Hala searched for months and finally decided that nothing matches her mission better than Hēya, the Arabic word for “her”.


“I just want to be creating beautiful things everyday and maybe if I’m lucky enough, I get to share them with the world.”


"In every piece of art that I make, there's always a little special something that only the wearer/owner will notice. Something about the hidden details intrigues me and makes all the difference in a piece.

I tend to like using extremes in my pieces, the dramatic difference in shapes and textures makes my pieces speak in a bold way, even if it was the most delicate piece I’ve created."





“I grew up in a 5000 year old city where people are moved by the beauty of the moon and where love has 100 different words to describe it. Italy became home while studying design. After that I moved to New York City & enjoyed the fast paced life. Twenty years later my Syrian roots pulled me closer to nature. Now, when I’m not designing at my little sunny studio, I'm out enjoying nature or trying to tame a very handsome rambunctious rooster named Sylvester”

- Hala


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